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Our doctors

Meet the best and most welcoming doctors at Noble Dental Clinic Center

Dr. Mahdi Gabose received his dental education and training in the Washing DC Metro Area where he practiced dentistry in the USA for 25 years. He specializes in Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry including restoration of Implants. He is also the Dean of the Dental Faculty at Edna Adan University.

Dr. Mohamed Roble Mire received his dental training in Norway where he practice dentistry for 12 years in Oslo. He specializes in fabricating all needed restoration for the Practice. He also teaches at Edna University. His skills and experience are unmatched in the field.

Dr. Abdalla Alsabra is a graduate of the dental College at the University of Damascus in Syria. He is an excellent practitioner in all the specialties of Dentistry including Implants and Maxillofacial Surgeries. He is a very gifted and gentle Dr. striving to deliver perfect restorations for his patients.

Dr. Bile Askar Mohamed is a graduate of Amoud University in Borame Somaliland with a growing practice who specializes in dental surgeries and difficult tooth extractions and impacted molars. He is also an instructor at Edna Adan University

Maryam graduated at the top of her class from the Dental Technology BS at Edna Adan University. She is simply brilliant and always aspiring to be better.


Who Are We?

Noble Dental Clinic is the only full service clinic in Hargeisa where complete care is offered for our patients. Our Dr’s and Dental Technicians deliver great care with a wealth of experience and training acquired in the USA, Norway, Syria and locally, which allows them to produce exceptional results for their patients. We are also a teaching institution where we train tomorrow’s Dr’s and Dental Technicians attending Edna Adan University.

Where to find us?

New Hargeisa opposite National Theatre
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